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Ultimate protection for you smartphone and tablets!

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Our glass screen protectors protect your device against scratches and other damages!


Plenty of models has a wide range of screen protectors for smartphones and tablets!

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Glass screen protectors are the ultimate protection against scratches and other damages


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No bubbles

Glass screen protectors are, in contrast to plastic protectors, easily applicable without bubbles

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The ultimate smartphone/tablet protection

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Our glass screen protectors will defend your smartphone screen or tablet from damage when dropped, scratched or against impact. They furnish your phone with the extra layer of protection that you need. Our glass screen protectors are 99.9% transparent so you will barely notice the difference between the protection and the screen of your phone or tablet. Our glass screen protectors are easy to apply without air bubbles or spots.


Our screen protectors are made of reinforced glass that ensures that they protect the phone against the consequences of scratching, dropping and impact. In the worse case, the screen protector may break but the telephone or tablet will remain intact.

Easy Application

Applying our glass screen protector is easy and quick. Place the screen protector correctly, pressing firmly and the job's done! The glass screen protector is 99.9% transparent, this makes our glass screen protectors almost invisible on your smartphone or tablet.

Bubble Free

One of the biggest disadvantages of plastic screen protectors is that they leave air bubbles behind the screen. It is very difficult to apply them correctly. Our glass screen protectors are bubble free, just align and press firmly for a bubble free protective screen.

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